Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials

Meet the Team

FedEx Dangerous Goods

LaTosha Aubrey

LaTosha Aubrey is a Sr. Dangerous Goods Analyst who started her career with FedEx Express in November of 1990.  Educating herself and others with dangerous goods air regulations, she has continued to be a 20-year subject matter expert for dangerous goods during her 29 years of service with FedEx Express.  Amongst other distinction’s in her field, LaTosha trains, coaches and educates internal and external customers to ensure IATA regulations are adhered to.  As a mother, grandmother and  woman of integrity, LaTosha is an avid sports fan that loves traveling.  Her motivation and dedication have been her keys to success as she continues to strive for excellence.

Tony Burnside

Tony R. Burnside is a native of Memphis Tn. He is currently a Dangerous Goods Analyst for the Memphis World Hub. His career started on December 2, 1996. His previous experience was as a Quality Coordinator/Trainer. He was a member of the American Society for Quality Organization for over 15 years. He was hired into management as an outbound manager for Federal Express for over 20 years before becoming a Dangerous Goods Analyst in 2018. Tony has been instrumental in assisting in the training of the Work Bench DG program and providing training in the International Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods. He is the father of 3 beautiful children, one son and two daughters.

Dawn Edwards

Dawn is a native Philadelphian and a Senior Dangerous Goods Analyst for two districts. She has been with FedEx since 1995, where she began working in the field as a package handler and quickly worked her way up. She took the time to learn several positions along the way up. Her career as a Senior Dangerous Goods Analyst started over 10 years ago, primarily as a liaison between FedEx employees under her two districts in which she covers and our customers. In addition to her role as a Senior DG Analyst, Dawn has been a Lithium Battery instructor since 2018. She added this role to challenge herself and to enhance her people personality spirit. She views this as a tool and uses it to help our employees and her students.

Regina Hall

Regina Hall is a Dangerous Goods Advisor who started her career with FedEx Express in September of 1989. Educating the masses about proper transport of Dangerous Goods has been her charge for over twenty five years.  Regina’s breadth of knowledge and experience qualify her to serve on global Dangerous Goods Taskforce committees and design/develop training materials for use throughout the FedEx Express network.  Regina travels the world providing instructions to the FedEx Express global Dangerous Goods population and increasing her tribal knowledge and experience in the International Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods.  As a wife and mother of 3 sons she is known for her motherly qualities, nurturing her students while instructing.  “Keep it simple” is her motto.  She is extremely patient and prides herself for being able to reach all participants regardless of their knowledge base.

Ron Hill

Ron has been working at FedEx since 1991 and in Dangerous Goods since 1993. Ron has a unique perspective of FedEx Dangerous Goods,  having started as a front line FedEx Dangerous Goods Specialist in 1993 and in 2006 becoming an instructor of FedEx’s internal Dangerous Goods classes that are taught to our employees.  In 2009 he transferred to the Safety Department of FedEx and became responsible for both working with our customers and ensuring FedEx’s internal processes were compliant with FedEx, DOT, and IATA regulations.  Ron has been teaching the FedEx Dangerous Goods Seminars since 2013 and teaches both our public and onsite courses. His humor and dynamic delivery style combined with his knowledge of the regulations and his real world experience with FedEx processes makes for an educational and informative experience that keeps you engaged.

Jerry Marek

Jerry maintains his active membership in the dangerous goods safety industry, sustaining a career spanning over 25 years. He came to FedEx with a background in aviation safety.  As an active pilot with a commercial license and type rating, he brings a unique perspective that recognizes the various needs of shippers, ground operations and flight crews.  In 2017 Jerry assumed the role of seminar instructor with specific focus on the safe and compliant movement of radioactive materials.  Jerry’s approach to this subject simplifies the shipment preparation process into easily comprehended steps with an understanding that makes the connection between the why something is necessary with the how of doing it correctly.

Vivian Montgomery

Vivian has worked in the field of commercial transportation since 1985 which began with Roadway Express, a less than truck load carrier. In 1995 she worked as a Regional Safety and Maintenance Manager for FedEx Ground in the Northeastern and Mississippi Valley regions, and in 2001 she came to FedEx Express. Vivian is a member of the IATA Dangerous Goods Training Task Force, and possesses accreditations from the Certified Dangerous Goods Professionals, and the Transportation Safety Institute, and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Vivian has trained over 3,000 individuals in the handling of dangerous goods. In class her goal is for students to understand how to use the book and possess the ability to reference every step of package preparation and handling when offering their shipments for transit. In addition, Vivian is our lead in developing the seminar content as revisions occur each year, and she is a proud veteran of the U.S. Army.

Mark Santry

Mark Santry began his career with FedEx in 1986, being active in Dangerous Goods for 31 of his 35 years in FedEx. Certified in 1989 as a DG Specialist inspecting DG shipments, he transitioned in 1996 to the FedEx Dangerous Goods Administration organization. His current title is Sr. DG Analyst, and like the field of Dangerous Goods itself, has seen a continuous state of evolution. Domiciled at Chicago-O’Hare, Mark supports FedEx Air Operations and our Customers in the Midwest. Mark prides himself in being a reliable point of contact and subject matter expert for both internal and external customers.

Rosalyn Ross

Rosalyn is a native Memphian and  the manager of the Dangerous Goods Hotline at FedEx Express.  She has been with FedEx Express for over 28 years and has a wealth of knowledge in operations and dangerous goods.As a frontline employee Rosalyn worked in and around aircraft – loading and unloading packages and/or containers. She became a manager with FedEx in December of 1992.  Her career in management included inbound operations, outbound operations and the Dangerous Goods sort building.  She worked in the Dangerous Goods Sort building for 10 years.   She also served on special assignment for three years as a training facilitator.  In February of 2015, she joined Corporate Safety as a Sr. Safety Specialist.  Rosalyn began teaching the Dangerous Goods Seminars in 2016.  She was promoted to manager of the Dangerous Goods Hotline in March of 2018.   She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration.  She has two adult children who keep her inspired daily and three beautiful grandchildren that are the apples of her eye.

Cheree Turner

Cheree is a Senior Dangerous Good Analyst who started her career with FedEx Express in Washington, DC in June 1986.  She has been with FedEx Express for 34 years and is a native of Annapolis, Maryland. She spent 24 years in Domestic Ground Operations and Air Ground Freight Services assuming various roles from CSA, Courier, Foot Courier, Operations Manager and Senior Manager.  She reignited her interest in Dangerous Goods and joined the Corporate Safety Department January 2011. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She is the proud mother of one. She became a certified instructor in 2018 and her favorite motto is “Work Smarter NOT Harder.”

Teresa Davis

Teresa is a native Memphian and a Sr. Safety Specialist with Dangerous Goods Administration at FedEx Express. She has been with FedEx Express for 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge in dangerous goods. Teresa started her career in Memphis Hub Operations and later became a Spill Clean-Up Agent. She worked in the Memphis Hub for 10 years. After leaving the Memphis Hub, she worked as a Trace Agent, then as a Dangerous Goods Specialist/Associate Safety Specialist with the Dangerous Goods Hotline. She joined the Dangerous Goods Administration team in 2016. Teresa began teaching the Dangerous Goods Seminars in 2018. She holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Professional and Liberal Studies. She is married and has two sons.

Donna Driscoll

Donna Driscoll has been with FedEx Express since 1992.  She started her career as a DG Specialist/Senior Service Agent and over the years has worked her way up to Corporate Safety.  In her current position as a Senior DG Analyst, she works directly with the Dangerous Goods operations throughout the Eastern region of the United States.  The majority of her career has been in Flight Operations supporting Dangerous Goods.  She is a member of the regional internal audit team and is an intricate part of the safety team working directly with the FAA and DOT to ensure the safe and legal transportation of Dangerous Goods.  She has built strong relationships with her internal and external customers.  She always makes herself available to answer questions and resolve issues when situations arise.     


Any questions related to Dangerous Goods Training, please reach out to Teresa Davis or Rosalyn Ross.